Wollondilly Resilience Network (WReN) Inc. is a not for profit community association based  in the Wollondilly Shire. Our aim is to raise awareness of practices that support a strong and resilient community adopting local solutions to achieve environmental and personal wellbeing. We are entirely powered by volunteers.

WReN creates opportunities for members of our community to come together to learn skills, share knowledge and support each other in becoming resilient. We host workshops, talks and other community events, and also operate the Fairy Wren Food Hub.

WReN was established in 2012 with support from Wollondilly Shire Council and was incorporated in 2014.


WReN raises awareness of practices that support a strong and resilient community adopting local solutions to achieve environmental and personal wellbeing. WReN provides leadership to foster care of the planet, care of the people and fair share in an inclusive way.


WReN aims to achieve its vision through the following means:

  • fostering change through innovation and community initiatives;
  • promoting transition initiatives to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and combat climate change;
  • partnering with other organisations that have similar aims and objectives as WReN;
  • demonstrating and modelling sustainable systems for living, housing, energy, waste management, resource recovery and food production;
  • fostering public education and dissemination of information;
  • identifying and supporting young leaders to initiate and develop programs relating to environmental sustainability;
  • identifying, utilising and sharing the expertise of community members;
  • acting as an advocate for environmental and sustainability issues to council and other government and non-government agencies;
  • by being the change we want to be in the world.

WReN Constitution

The WReN Constitution can be found here: wren_constitution_July 2017

Annual Reports

Committee Report 2020/21 – WREN Annual Report 2020-2021

Committee Report 2019/20 – WReN Committee Report 2020

Committee Report 2018/19 – WReN 2019 Committee Report

Committee Report 2017/18 – WReN Committee Report 2017-18 – Final

Committee Report 2016/17 – WReN committee report 2017 – final

Committee Report 2015/16 – wren-committee-report-2016-final

Committee Report 2014/15 – wren-committee-report-2015_final

AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2021 AGM – WREN_AGM_2021_minutes

Minutes of 2020 AGM – WREN_AGM_2020_minutes approved

Minutes of 2019 AGM – WREN_AGM_2019_minutes

Minutes of 2018 AGM – WREN_AGM_2018_minutes

Minutes of 2017 AGM – WREN_AGM_2017_minutes

Minutes of 2016 AGM – wren_agm_2016_minutes

Minutes of 2015 AGM – wren_agm_2015_minutes


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